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A widow is a married woman whose husband has died. It is possible that the deceased husband would have left behind one or more children for the wife to cater for. There are many challenges confronting the average widow and some of these we enumerate below:

• We know and it is assumed that the husband is normally the bread winner of the family, so when the provider dies it is as if there is nobody to provide for their needs.

• The presence of a man in a home gives the woman and the children a security of some sort; so when the man is not there, the wife and children become vulnerable to exploitation. It is like there is no protection, there is no cover.

• At least, I know of Nigeria, but it seems to be the same thing in other parts of the World. Widows are often exploited even by the relations of the dead husband. There are cases where the widow is dispossessed of everything valuable that the man left behind. The pathetic situation is that neither the woman nor her children are taken care of by the husband’s family.

• The woman herself, because of her plight, becomes vulnerable to selfish men who are more interested in her body than caring for her and the children.

• Often times, a lot of these women were more or less full time house wives, while the husband was alive. In other cases, they had menial jobs, were pretty traders or school teachers. Upon the death of the husband, the woman discovers that her level of income cannot accommodate the level of responsibility she has to bear.
She takes on as many income generation enterprises as possible stretching herself to the limit. The resultant effects are:
o The Neglect of the children and
o The deterioration of her health

• There is a practice in which the widow is forced to marry the junior brother of the dead husband. Some families may even take the children from the woman and send her packing.

• There are some cultural or traditional practices which are de-humanizing and abuse of the right of the woman. In some places, she is locked in the same room with the body of the dead husband for days. There are other cases where she is made to drink the water used to bathe the man in order to prove that she did not kill him.

• Some women are emotionally distressed to the point that they go into depression or make up their minds never to remarry again.

It is a common saying that “God is the husband of the widow and the Father of the fatherless”, God is, so much, concerned about the widow and about her children. However, God will not come down physically, rather, He is expecting you and I to care for them.

The plight of Widows is a universal phenomenon which has caused many individuals and organizations to take steps towards addressing the neglect and deprivation of these women.

It culminated in the declaration of June 23 as the International Widows Day (With effect from 2011) by the United Nations.

This was in recognition of the basic legal and human rights of the widows living in oblivion. Widowhood precipitates a host of other social ills and it is imperative for the society to realize their rights and encourage them to live a healthy and happy life.

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