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Are you a Widow?
Heart for Widows Foundation was launched on January 22nd 2011. We endeavour to provide a holistic support to you:
• Psychologically
There is a fellowship where members interact. This meeting holds on the second Sunday of every month. Our experience has revealed that members get over the trauma easily and adjust to normal life. For example, some who had closed their minds against remarrying are now expectant of suitor.

• Health wise
From our experience, some of our members are not in the best of health for different reasons. We have provided assistance by way of counselling and health talks. One of the widows, who is a retired Nurse, carries out periodic blood pressure checks for members.

• Financially
We do not encourage the handling out of dole except in exceptional cases. We encourage members to engage in an income generation venture. There is also a cooperative society (ROSES CICS) which we encourage members to join.

• Spiritually
We have supported some members by way of prayers to overcome various problems. This is voluntary and there are various testimonies about what God can do when you involve Him in your situation.

• Provisions
We, occasionally, get donations of food items and from our own resources too we distribute such provisions periodically. In December 2011 a charity group (Lydia Heart) gave lots of gift for 50 of our members who were present at the special meeting. If you believe we can be of assistance to you, in any way, please feel free to contact us.

• International Widows’ Day
We always mark the International Widows’ Day (23rd June) every year.

• End of Year Party
We always have an End of the Year Party and such occasions, we have received gifts for distribution to members.

  • 150+
    Current Widows

    Currently we have over 150 widows in our care.

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Our mission is to care for, support and economically empower the widow to cater for herself and her children.

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