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In the first phase of the Heart for Widows project, we plan to execute programmes which fulfill our mission. Our key operational activities will include the following:

Public Awareness

We shall employ the print and the electronic media as well as conferences to bring to the fore the plight of widows and their children, with the objectives of changing the attitude of every Nigerian towards the widow and to eliminate (over time) lack of social justice for the widows and the discrimination which they suffer.
The public awareness is to promote social justice and human rights for widows including:
• Right to keep their home and property
• Right to inheritance and land ownership and possession
• Right to keep their children
• Right not to be forcibly married to the dead husband’s kin
• Right to work outside the home
• Right to live a dignified life

Skills Development Programmes
One of the components of our economical empowerment program is the skills development program which is, primarily geared towards:
• Evaluating the level of education and existing skills of the widow;
• Determining (with the involvement of the widow herself) an appropriate training program,
• Putting the widow through the training programme.
We plan to set up our own training facilities but apart from this we shall liaise with other Vocational Training Centers spread all over, to ensure proximity to the residence of the trainee.

We shall promote the registration of a Cooperative Society and encourage the Widows to join. It is through this that project are financed.

Initial Take Off Fund
On the completion of her training, she will be provided with an initial take-off fund by way of a soft loan from the Cooperative Society, which will cover:
• The Cost of Equipment;
• Rent of Shop;
• Working Capital.
As much as it is practicable, we shall monitor the progress of the trainees to ensure her profitability and repayment of the loan.

Regular Savings/Loans.
As a member of the cooperative, she will be encouraged to save a portion of her business income so that she can benefit from Credit at low interest rate.
Such credit can be used to expand her business in future.
The widows who occupationally engaged either as employees or self-employed will be encouraged to join the cooperative and avail themselves of the available opportunities.

Business Group
The widows will be encouraged to form themselves into business groups as the foundation for establishing Small Scale Enterprises.
By setting up SSEs the level of production will increase and, all things being equal, the level of income, profitability and wealth will also be increased.
Occasionally they can hold exhibitions to showcase their product and services to the public.

We shall encourage every member of HFW to join a fellowship (Rose of Sharon Fellowship) which will be a regular forum for:
• Interaction to facilitate relationship with others and this should help in alleviating some of the emotional problems;
• Socializing;
• Business meetings, Seminars, Dissemination of ideas to assist them.

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